Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nakey Boy, Tea Makers, and Star Wars

     Eclectic mix of things going on this week. First we'll start off with the adventures of Nakey Boy.
     We have reached that wonderful age where Riley is learning to dress and undress himself.  The past few weeks have been comprised of a delightful mix of clothing and PJ's.  We have about 4 or 5 changes a day and sometimes we end up with shirts inside out and on his legs instead of arms. He throughly enjoys taking his clothes off, turning them inside out and then showing us his accomplishment. He is also doing much better at potty training and will now go sometimes without us reminding him. All of these things are stages we have went through before with Sydney and Ryan no big.  My friend Tehea and I even laugh about the craziness of Ryan running around the house for months on end with nothing but a pull up! Riley has taken it to a whole new level! Of course he has he always does!
     Ryan had a friend over one night. Well of course Riley took off his clothes and ran around.  Two 9-10 yr old boys thought it was hilarious and flipped out running from him and laughing and calling him "nakey boy".  Riley has decided that this is a great laugh and that all of our company wants to see "nakey boy".  Needless to say I have had moments of utter mortification such as when our Pastor, his wife, and their 2 yr old daughter came over for dinner. I felt like the announcer from the song the streak yelling "Don't look Ethel". Hopefully poor Alivia isn't scarred for life from the escapades at our house!
     On to the tea maker.  I have to start by saying my husband LOVES his sweet tea.  When I say sweet tea I mean deep south, southern parts of Georgia sweet. He adds sugar to McDonalds sweet tea if that tells you anything. So we have a tea maker. Now with both of us trying to be healthier, we do not keep soda's in the house or sweet tea in the fridge.  We try not to even buy soda's unless we are having a get together and only make tea when people are coming over. Most of the time we grab water or milk. On this night we had company coming over so we broke out the tea maker.  In the mean time I'm trying to make dinner, no big, I do it all the time and Riley knows the rules about staying past the fridge when I'm using the stove. I don't want anyone getting burned, cut, etc... Well this night he was really over the top hyper. I asked Greg 3 or 4 times to watch him because something was going to happen and either Dinner was getting burned or something would get broken or destroyed.  I just had that "spidey sense".  It was a weird night too because Greg's OCD was in overdrive and when he gets like that he can't focus on more than one task and all his attention goes to that (gee I wonder where Riley gets it LOL) So I had called him to help me probably 4 or 5 times and finally I had to go to the bathroom so bad I couldn't wait any longer! I yelled downstairs for hubby to help and I ran to bathroom. Greg runs up to see what I need and I say "I need to to watch Riley".  He goes downstairs and I hear a crash and Greg yelling at the top of his lungs "NOOOO" .  The entire tea jug's contents were all over my newly mopped floors and the tea maker jug was busted into bits. I would like to say I was a paragon of wifely/motherly virtue and did not taunt my husband a bit with the "I told you so.."  but I couldn't help it I HAD to do just a bit of it while laughing (hey, I don't drink sweet tea ). Anyway we got it all cleaned up and now we need to buy a new tea maker..... It could be worse :)
     Lastly, Star Wars.... Nothing big or dramatic here just watched Star wars for the first time with Riley and yes we started with the very first one. With Anakin as a little boy.  So funny to watch them in that order, which none of the rest of the Epley's have.  Riley sees Darth Vader in A New Hope and calls him Ani...kinda sad and disturbing.  (Yes we are ALL Sci Fi nerds in this house and proud of it).  So right now we are on a Star Wars kick at our house.  Riley calls it Alien Wars (don't ask me, I have no clue). So anyone if you see us out and about and Riley tries the Jedi mind trick on you, you'll understand why.  Is it Friday yet????? :)

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