Sunday, March 6, 2011

Home Improvement

    This week has been pretty busy for the Epley household.  We are remodeling our dining room it's getting new paint, picture frame molding,  lighting, curtains, furniture etc... First off any work we do on the house we try to do as much ourselves as possible to save money.  My hubby is very crafty and can do many home improvements himself.  The first problem with this is that tools, dust, and general messiness invade my usual semi well-ordered home. The second problem is well of course..... Riley!
    Riley is a child that thrives on schedule.... ok not so much with the "he" surviving on a schedule, but I survive Riley with a schedule. Anytime that schedule is off, well things get really crazy. This week has invited a LOT of attention seeking behavior which includes but is not limited to : naked runs around the house, stuffing toys in his underpants for laughs, trashing big brother Ryan's room, and lightsaber duels in the family room. I am trying some different redirection tactics that seem to help and looking into an organic dye-free diet. We have noticed that any type of candy or sugary food seem to send him into overdrive.( If anyone has any info or has read any good books on this type of diet I'd appreciate it)  I'll let everyone know how that works out for us :)  

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