Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shameless Plug

     I'm not one to shamelessly plug products.  However, there are a few out there that I really have to say I will shout from the rooftops how good they are. For example, When Sydney was 18 months old and spilled tea down the front of her beautiful white church dress and I could not get the stain out Oxyclean saved the day. I don't think anyone can fully appreciate how dire the situation was. Sydney was little I was pregnant with Ryan, Greg and I both worked and I had spent all our "extra" money on this dress for Syd. Now at that time "extra money" might have been $30.00 but at that point in our lives $30.00 might have been the difference in eating real food that week or ramen noodles (I digress).  The point is she wore the dress once and it was ruined. I won't even go into the grief I caught for buying said dress and to have it ruined after wearing it to church once was unacceptable. I even tried to "tea stain" it so it could be an antique white but I couldn't get color consistency.  I tried everything and oxyclean really came through for me.  I had everyone buying oxyclean that week.  I would have to say that is the most amazing product I've ever used... UNTIL NOW!!    
Chair Before
Any of you who have been reading my blog might remember the "Riley writes on dining room chair" incident. After contacting the manufacturer of the chairs and finding that they no longer make them, and then contacting my interior designer to check into re upholstering, and then talking to husband about just getting entirely new chairs... We decided to try one last thing. Kids 'N' Pets instant All- Purpose Stain and Odor Remover.  You can purchase this at Walmart for $5.00 a bottle. It is endorsed by Animal Planet and says it's non-toxie, biodegradable and cruelty -free. It says Guaranteed to eliminate Urine, Blood, food spills, beverage spills, coffee, grease, red wine, pet accidents, skunk, grass, horse body oils ??????, smoke, gasoline, iodine, INK (yay) and more...... Praise!!! it got every bit of the ink out. If you have Kids, Pets, husbands, parents, siblings I suggest you buy THIS. Ok commercial over.

Chair After

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