Friday, February 11, 2011

Surviving Riley

     I started this blog because people encouraged me to do it after hearing stories about Riley.  I always joke that I'm going to one day write a book called "surviving Riley".  Since I don't have time to keep a written journal of my day to day I decided to try my hand at blogging.
     First of all let me start by saying I do not think of myself as the end all be all in parenting. There are days I feel like a complete failure in all areas and I look to the Bible to give me hope and encouragement.  I have to say parenting a "high maintenance" 3 yr old has helped me become very acquainted with the book of Proverbs. I have four children and all of them have their own personalities, quirks, and special qualities. Riley, however, is my strong willed, crafty, and freakishly coordinated child.  He really keeps all of us on our toes. He is also the first one I stayed home with,  I stopped being a working mom when he was a little over a year old.  I only have myself to blame :)
     Sit back, enjoy life through my eyes and have a good chuckle on me :-)


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