Friday, February 11, 2011

Mommy Needs A Sick Day

     We've all had THAT feeling.  Wake up with a stuffy head, itchy eyes, sore throat, headache, and stuffy nose.  Yes I caught a cold from my baby, Bella.
     Back in my working days I had a few options. A.) Get up and go to work and trudge through it. (Thankfully my job had some leeway and I could usually rearrange things to have a "lite" day) .... B.) call in on a sick day, let hubby take kids to school/daycare and hang out in bed watching chick flicks and daytime TV all day. (It was almost a treat except for the being sick part!)
     Now however, I have no back up plan and no one who can fill in for me.  I'm the mommy and rain or shine, good or bad, I'm the only mommy my kids have. Now I do have to say here before I sound too "poor pitiful me" that my remarkable husband did in fact offer to call in sick.  He volunteered to stay home so he could take older kids to school and take care of the two preschoolers. I sent him on in to work because I'd rather have him at home when we all feel good and can have family time together.
     I did what tons of sick parents do everyday, got up and got to it! I did decide to stay in PJ's all day which will come back to haunt me later. I took a hot shower, used my netti pot, took 2 tylenol, and started getting older kids out the door.  Sydney had a school dance today so I even helped her get make up on and hair curled.
     After Greg and Sydney left for work and school, I got little kids ready to take Ryan and Em to school. I let the big kids keep Riley occupied and waited a little later to leave than usual.  I still had plenty of time to get them to school. I also decided since I just drop the kids off and no one would see me I'd just put a jacket over my PJ's and drop them off and head back home. NO PROBLEM.  Except that there was a wreck of some sort and I couldn't get onto the main road heading to the school. I had to take the expressway and cut up the back way to the school.  Problem with this is it takes about 3 times as long to go that way. I caught every red light.  Now you'd think I was worried about them getting to school late right??? NO not really, my concern is that after the bell rings you have to walk the children into the school and sign them in the office just as everyone is being released from gym to go to their first class. I had visions of poor Ryan and Em being escorted in by a crazy woman with Christmas ornament PJ's, track shoes and a Harry Potter Hoodie.  Talking about being scarred for life.  Thankfully we made it to school on time with one whole minute to spare.  Years of therapy for Ryan and Em avoided!
     We then get home and this is where the fun begins.  In the time it took for me to change Bella's diaper Riley found the pen that Ryan had used for signing Valentines this morning.  My dining room chair cushion paid the price and I have a 3 yr old in a lot of trouble today.  Mommy really needs a sick day! On the plus side my interior designer wanted to discuss adding chair covers ...we might be doing that now!

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