Saturday, May 11, 2013

Little Big Man

Riley is 5!

I know he's been 5 since January but we are now going through process of picking schools and it hit me Riley is 5!

That being said a few weeks ago I started thinking about how much he had grown. He was our third little one and there was an 8 year difference between him and his big brother and a 10 years difference with big sis.  We were in a new house and poor Greg had to give up his office. It was by far the smallest room in the house. Ok I think the guest bath and half bath might be smaller but not much. Little Riley got a 10X10 room all by himself, squished between two preteen rooms. We went all out. We wanted a cute little nursery and had a gifted local artist do a animal mural. Jungle theme crib bedding and the cutest little monkeys hanging out in the room.  It was adorable.

In the past five years I couldn't stand the thought of re- vamping the room. Our little princess surprise Bella pushed Riley out of the crib and Sydney out of the "big room". (No worries Sydney got an entire basement finished out for her personal use).  Bella inherited Riley's crib and furniture and Riley inherited Sydney's camp style bed, dresser, and armoire.  My mother, who is an awesome seamstress/ quilter/ all around crafty person added edging and made his baby quilt into a twin sized one. We made it work so we could keep the mural.  By this time we knew a bit of what we were dealing with as far a Riley's sensory stuff was concerned. He's been a bit of a crash boom bang kid and no way was I buying new furniture to get destroyed.

I'm very surprised to say that the furniture actually held up.... except for the poor nightstand which seriously never had a chance. Sydney and her friends had already carved their names in it! (yes they got in I don't "let"my kids purposely mark-up, write-on, use stickers etc on their furniture it just happens sometimes).  Riley is doing so much better taking care of his things and I thought it was time for him to graduate to a big boy room!

I asked him what type of room he wanted and got about fifteen different answers. Hubby said "let him pick whatever he wants" but I did stack the deck.  I started by looking on pinterest and showed him tons of star wars bedrooms.  So he decided on star wars. Sneaky mom I know, but we have been down this road before (Ryan had a star wars room) and I still have lots of star wars stuff so why not! The trick is I'm trying to do this on a shoe string. Anyone who knows me well knows I'm like a bloodhound. Someone can put three similar items beside each other and I will always pick the most expensive as the one I like.   It's a gift HAHA! So for a week I've been pinning, measuring his room, going on line to price compare and just really trying to do a nice room on as little as I can manage. Ikea is going to be a very good friend in this endeavor.

First order is to paint. His poor beautiful mural and walls look like they were felled in WWIII! Today we removed everything off of walls and patched everything. We are going for a very "Industrial" style. We chose pale gray paint. It is a very neutral gray and honestly we bought waaaay to much of it for the living room so we are using it up. (My bedroom also got a few of coats of this awesome stuff). We have always used cheap paint and in the past had to use multiple coats and put it on thick.  We went with a pricey porter paint that supposedly will hid things better and cleans up nice. It rolls on like a dream and we've been really happy with it.  This is a good thing considering we spent some bucks and had a TON left over!

The biggest problem I have his closet doors. They are white, six paneled, by-pass doors and due to size of room can't do any other type of door. After a lot of research I thought the best thing to do was to paint them.  Decided to do a metallic treatment, the spray paint was $8.00 a can and we bought four cans but I think three would have worked.  I thought that was pricey for spray paint but for the convenience factor I thought it was worth it. Also when comparing price of new doors...well lets just if this works out new doors for $42.00 isn't bad. Plus we didn't need to buy paint for the room so yay!
The doors and the damage 
during :) 

Antique Pewter Awesomeness

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