Wednesday, April 3, 2013


 It's been a LONG time since I've blogged. I have used Facebook mostly to journal my daily routine and to write down all of my families quirky/funny events... and believe me there are more than a few.  My husband often tells me I need to update Surviving Riley just for my own sanity.  My life is zipping by and I love looking back on journals and reading about events that I might have otherwise forgotten. So I'm trying to commit to spend a little time each week to type about life in the Epley household. All 3 of my followers are waiting on the edge of their seats I'm sure :)

First things first... I AM A NERD! I will make geeky references  dealing with anything from Stars Wars to Jane Austen novels and sometimes it might not make sense to anyone who isn't a full on nerd like we are in the Epley house! Secondly .... I don't write much anymore. My grammar isn't the worst but isn't the best. I try to proof read and make corrections but most of the time my fingers do not keep up with my brain. My computer acts up a lot right now and honestly sometimes making a correction is more hassle than it's worth. Forgive my screw ups. Yes I know this is hypocritical considering I HATE when people use you're and your wrong or to, too, & two but such is life. Finally.. I am not supermom, I'm a good mom but in no way the best. I'm not interested in the mommy wars or telling anyone how to parent.  I'm just sharing a glimpse of our crazy un-dull life :)

I thought it would be fitting to start this again on April 2nd which happens to be Autism Awareness Day. My crazy life intervened and we ended up Spring Cleaning and moving my bedroom furniture around 3-4 times. ( I'm a visual person so I can't really think it I have to see it). However, in honor of Autism Awareness we did put a blue bulb in our porch light and found Riley an awesome T-Shirt.  The shirt has a super hero on it and it says "Autism is my Super Power". I cannot tell you how much he LOVED this shirt. He thought he was Super Hot Stuff wearing it.

I have to say I had mixed feelings about him getting this shirt. On one hand I'm not trying to hide his problems, but it does feel a bit like putting a huge billboard on my child. I let him wear it to therapy and forgot he had it on when we went to the mall.  We only had one minor meltdown. I was surprised about the absence of dirty looks, which I'm accustomed to.  It was only after lunch when people kept smiling at us and greeting us nicely (even when he was talking loudly) that I realized he had the shirt on.  I'm thinking of buying seven of them! HAHAHAHAHA

We use the words "Autism", "on the Spectrum", & "Sensory Processing Disorder" often around the house and it made me wonder what Riley actually knew. I asked him "Do you have Autism, Riley?" he responds "Yes Mommy! I have Augusttism and it's awesome". That's all I could get out of him but Hubby says "Apparently he has Autism and a fear of the month of August".  I love that little dude even if he has Augusttism :)

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