Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yucky two months!

Whew.... it has been a heck of a two months. It seems like we went on Spring Break and had a marvelous time and came back to craziness! While on vacation I had to call my doctor for an appointment and within a week of returning had a complete hysterectomy.  (No fun let me assure you!) Bella also had tubes put in a few weeks ago. If this wasn't enough the day before my surgery the world as we know it came crashing around our heads when we learned that crazy, stubborn, off the wall, hyperactive Riley wasn't all of those things but actually has some fairly severe sensory issues. Everyone seemed to think this would make me feel better because "it's not your fault he's wild" but I truly hoped and prayed it was a parenting issue, I can "fix" my parenting skills I can't "fix" a sensory issue. No one can. All we can do is try to learn and teach him how to cope and compensate.  On top of my surgery it was a lot to deal with in a short time.  I've started reading anything and everything I can about sensory integration, Auditory Processing Disorders, etc... We have also started occupational therapy with Easter Seals (they are fabulous) and have hours of work we do at home daily! We are seeing some improvement but are in for a long road.  No one can tell me what caused this and all the high risk factors that seem to contribute do not apply to us.  Just seems to be plain ole genetics! On the up side we caught this early (he's too young to even get a firm diagnosis because tests can't be accurate until closer to 6 yrs old) We are trying every intervention available and although he was a bit resistant to therapy at first he is starting to ask for it when he gets out of sync. We are just taking it one day at a time and praying daily for Riley. Any prayers would be appreciated.  On a funny note my hubby and kids think his therapy is great because a lot of it involves getting on the ground and getting dirty! Yesterday for instance we made a "dog Kennel" under the kitchen table and we ate our food out of bowls on the floor! (supposed to build fine motor) It was quite  disturbing for me which made it that much more fun for everyone else!

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